What Can I Do With Shredded Paper?

Best Uses for Shredded Paper

You were born post paper shredders, so great deal. Before their invention, governments, and organizations had limited options but to chop the paper manually or even burn them. But then, that was either insecure or damaging to Mother Nature.

So, now you have your shredder, and no matter how paperless you become, you still receive some bills and other correspondence through paper. What can you do with the shredded paper to make it useful? Here are a few brilliant tips.

Use It To Make Your Kitty’s Litter

Your trash is a cute kitty’s litter box filler. You can use the shredded paper to pad the box, just before you add the crystals. It will save you on crystals, as you will only need a handful. The paper can also be used as bedding for animals. If you do not live on a farm, you can donate them to a vet or animal shelter where they will make excellent use of it.

Be Creative

Instead of agonizing over your filled shredder, turn the waste into beautiful art. You can make some Papier-mâché by adding water and flour in equal parts to the shreds to make glue and then use it to attach the strips into your shape of choice. This makes bowls, baskets, and practically anything that your imagination leads you to.

Moisture Absorption

Do you find an annoying pool of waste water at the bottom of out trash, or at least note a bit of moisture? Well, waste shred paper will take care of that. It will absorb the moisture off your trash. So long, moldy stink.

shredded paper compost

Bag of composted shredded paper

Compost Anyone?

As we become more sensitive to the environment, we are slowly abandoning inorganic ways. Compositing your shredded paper is an excellent way to not only dispose of it but also to nurture your plants. To help it break down easily, soak it in water then send it on its way. Mother Nature thanks you.

Use It as Mulch

To prevent your plants from losing moisture, use paper as your mulch. It works just as well as dead plants and is easily available. Additionally, the microorganisms will break down after use to act as composite for your plants. See, you killed two birds with a few waste papers.

Protect Delicate Stuff With It

When moving or transporting delicate items, you can use these papers as your breathable bed. It will provide ample protection while in transit. If you worry about keeping the strips in place, you can pack your items and the paper shreds in a Ziploc® bag to help it contained. Your items will reach their destination safe and sound, and you will have taught one more person how to reuse their waste paper.

Stuffing For Dolls

You can sew dolls and stuffed animals and use shredded paper as the filler. The good thing about paper is that it will not decompose, well, unless you dip your dolls or stuffed animals in water.

Whatever Rocks Your Boat!

Creativity has no boundaries. There are so many things you can do with waste paper, and you are not limited. Go ahead and explore.

Credits: meaduva

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